CRA Tax Audits and Reviews

CRA tax help

CRA Tax Audits and Reviews can be very challenging and requires information and documentation for filings that happened 5-6 years ago. Most business owners got overwhelmed and anxious about such audits. Our firm has an exceptionally high success rate in defending our clients position and maintaining their tax filing without any additional cost. We provide business tax audit, GST/HST audit, and personal income tax audit representation

Throughout the tax review process, we’ll answer your questions and offer straightforward advice. First, we'll review your past tax returns and CRA notices. Then, we’ll lay out the options for solving your tax problems and work with you to decide the best route to take in your case.

CRA Tax Reviews

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  • Minimizing tax penalties
  • CRA audit representation
  • GST/HST Audits
  • Business Tax Audits
  • Personal Income Tax Audits